Material of ski gloves


1. Material of ski gloves
The whole process of skiing and skiing relies on poles to move around the ski resort. Due to the specific purpose of ski gloves. Therefore, corresponding functions are required. Not only should it keep warm and cold-proof, but it should also be soft, wear-resistant, and cut-proof. Common materials for ski gloves:
Main fabric materials: high-density pongee, Oxford cloth, nylon plaid, horizontal grain Taslon.
Main palm material: high-grade PU, elastic terry cloth + anti-slip plastic, anti-slip leather.
Main palm material: soft cotton, flannel.

2. How to choose ski gloves
)Fabric quality
Fabric quality is most important. It must have certain resistance to wear, cutting and tearing. Ski falls and bumps are inevitable. If the fabric is not strong, the gloves will break easily. Hands are also easily injured. At present, the more professional ski gloves even use Kevlar material used in body armor in the main protective parts. Very strong and safe.
)Does not stick to snow
How to choose ski gloves? Ski gloves are all equally waterproof. The waterproof performance requirements of veneer gloves are higher. Gloves made of leather, chemical fiber or rubber materials are already very waterproof. Cotton, wool, velvet and other materials tend to stick to snow. The inside and outside of the gloves will quickly become wet and cold. In severe cases, it can also cause frostbite on the fingers. So sometimes wear fleece or woolen gloves when skiing. Even worse than with bare hands.
)Warm and breathable
Keeping warm is a basic requirement. Glove breathability is also important. Let the sweat you produce when you are hot evaporate in time. Avoid the cold feeling when wet and less active. Moreover, non-breathable gloves are prone to smell due to sweating.
)Point fingers
The size should be appropriate. Appropriate thickness. You need to ensure that your fingers are flexible. It is convenient for zipping, fetching things, adjusting snow boots and snowboards, getting on and off cable cars, etc. in the ski resort. Some double-plate gloves are also made with naturally curved fingers, making them more natural and comfortable to wear. Veneer gloves have longer wrists. If you hold the snow surface frequently, it will not be easy for the snow to enter. Some also have wristband structures. Prevent bruises when placing hands on the ground.
To ensure a firm and reliable grip when wearing gloves. Convenient to hold ski poles, snowboards, tows, cable cars, etc. Finger palms must be non-slip.