Advantages of anti-static PU gloves


1, fine long nylon yarn automatic weaving, seamless weaving method, will not stray, palm and finger surface coated PU resin.

2, PU material has strong acid and alkali resistance, can effectively anti-slip, avoid slipping when grabbing items, and will not leave fingerprints, improve production yield.

3, antistatic - avoid finger static electricity damage RAM/IC circuit resulting in short circuit.

4, can be used for 1000 to 10000 class clean room.

5, non-toxic ingredients, to protect the health of users (PU- non-toxic /nitrile carcinogens). Product advantages:

6, non-conductive (impedance) coefficient 1*10^9 ~ 10 ohms - to ensure the safety of personnel

7, anti-pollution, anti-slip, anti-heat, wear-resistant, easy to absorb sweat, good air permeability, comfortable to wear (Nylon), excellent anti-slip (PU)- easy to operate precision assembly engineering, give users feel more suitable for long-term operation, reduce the operator's long-term work sweat hand slip caused by mistakes.

8, in line with the economic effect, not easy to deformation, long service life, can be reused after water cleaning.

9, suitable for use in a variety of clean rooms, major and small electronics factories and circuit board PCB factories, TFT LCD factories, precision assembly engineering, semiconductor factories, optical disk factories, laboratories, etc