Why do latex gloves turn yellow?


People who often wear latex gloves always have a question: "Why do latex gloves sometimes have discoloration after wearing?" Are the gloves of bad quality?" Latex gloves are usually milky or milky yellow, which is what we call uniform color. When the color of latex gloves changes, it does not necessarily mean that the latex gloves are of poor quality, it may be improperly stored or in contact with liquids.

Why do latex gloves turn yellow?

1, latex because of its natural properties, encounter sweat stains, saliva and other liquids, there will be yellow situation.

The latex material is exposed to copper ions and turns yellow. Whether it is contained in human sweat or exists in our working environment, this color change has a small impact on the performance of the glove is very weak. And most of the discoloration caused by this reason is local discoloration of the contact site.

2, latex gloves after chlorine washing will show yellow.

At present, powder-free gloves are mainly obtained by chlorine washing or polymer coating processes. Gloves washed with chlorine tend to yellow more easily.

3, latex gloves exposed to ultraviolet light source for a long time, higher than 30 ° C and other environments are also easy to yellow. Therefore, keep latex gloves in a cool, dry place.

Received sun exposure, moderate exposure to rays. This usually takes on a different appearance before the gloves are used. There will also be other associated phenomena such as brittle and sticky gloves that suggest changes in glove quality. In this case, the performance of gloves has actually been greatly affected, it is recommended not to use