Are nitrile gloves insulated?


Nitrile gloves are anti-static, but not sufficiently insulated.
The specifications of the insulation gloves are 12KV and 5KV, which are rubber gloves:
1, resistant to 5kV rubber insulation gloves: is the use of insulating rubber sheet molding vulcanized five-finger gloves. Specification: Length 380mm, thickness 1mm. It is suitable for the use of general low-voltage electrical equipment in power industry, industrial and mining enterprises and rural areas. When the voltage is below 1000V, it is used as auxiliary safety protection equipment.
2, 12kV rubber insulation gloves: with insulated rubber sheet molding vulcanized five-finger gloves, beige, brown, soft texture, resistance to twists and turns. The length is 380mm or 350mm and the thickness is 1.8mm. It is suitable for the operation of high and low voltage power equipment in the power industry and industrial and mining enterprises. This kind of gloves in the use of voltage more than 1000V high-pressure area operation, can only be used as auxiliary safety protection supplies, shall not contact with electrical equipment.
The thickness of nitrile gloves is only 0.08mm-0.09mm, and the length is only 23cm and 30cm. The invention of nitrile gloves is mainly for the convenience and sensitivity of operation.
Although nitrile has certain insulation characteristics, its thickness and length do not meet the insulation standards. And although nitrile is malleable, once it cracks, it is no longer electric proof. Therefore, it is more reliable to choose professional insulation gloves.