Analysis of Production Process for Latex Wrinkled Gloves


1Raw material procurement

Latex is one of the key raw materials in the production process of latex wrinkled gloves. The quality of latex directly affects the quality and service life of gloves. Therefore, material selection is crucial.

Usually, latex tree juice harvested from high-quality ecological fruit forests is filtered, shaken, and stabilized multiple times to become high-quality gum. For latex glove manufacturers, finding a stable latex supplier is crucial to ensure the stability of latex quality.

2Production process

a. Mold making: Design a model of the glove and manufacture the mold.

b. Glove forming: Spray heated, stable, and colored adhesive onto the surface of the mold, and then use vacuum to absorb bubbles while pressing down on the mold to ensure the quality of the gloves.

c. Raw rubber cutting: Cut the film one by one and separate the left and right gloves.

d. Powder coating: Powder raw rubber gloves.

e. Flipping: Flip the gloves to ensure that the mouth is flat.

f. Oven drying: Place the gloves in the oven for drying and maturation.

g. Packaging inspection: After quality inspection of gloves, packaging inspection is carried out.

3Quality control

a. Strictly control the quality of raw materials.

b. Lower production temperature: The forming process of latex wrinkled gloves requires heating, but excessive production temperature can easily make the material of the gloves hard, brittle, and even crack, so it is necessary to maintain an appropriate production temperature.

c. Standardized operation workflow: Repeatedly check whether each production step meets the standardized requirements, ensure smooth work, and strictly follow the operation specifications.

d. A sound quality supervision system: trace quality issues that arise during the production process and make subsequent improvements.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that each link in the production process of latex wrinkled gloves is very important. Material selection, production process, and quality control are all key factors in ensuring the quality and service life of gloves. In the future, the production field of latex wrinkle gloves will continue to explore new process technologies, continuously improving production efficiency and quality.