Which gloves are the most wear-resistant for construction sites?


On construction sites, steel workers are one of the most common types of work. The job of steel workers is to continuously tie steel bars together. During this process, if workers do not wear special wear-resistant gloves. Then it is easy to get injured by the steel bar. And the surface of the steel bars is rough. It is also easy to cause abrasions on workers' palms.

Which gloves are the most wear-resistant for construction sites? Which kind of gloves can workers even pull steel bars with confidence when wearing them?

The first type is the most basic type of wear-resistant gloves - cotton gloves.

White cotton gloves. It can be called the basic model among labor protection gloves. It is also a low-end model among wear-resistant gloves. It is composed entirely of cotton threads, so it has outstanding performance in sweat absorption, breathability and elasticity. It is also more comfortable for workers to wear.

The second type is rubber-dipped gloves.

Rubber dipped gloves. It refers to gloves made of cotton gauze gloves dipped in latex or nitrile rubber and PVC rubber. The gloves have a certain anti-slip function. Its wear resistance is much better than ordinary pure cotton gauze gloves. But it is suitable for use in positions with low wear resistance and high flexibility.

The third type, rubber patch gloves.

Film gloves. It is a high-quality glove embryo woven with 21 yarns and bonded with rubber film. High wear resistance. Suitable for jobs with high strength and wear resistance but low flexibility.

The fourth type, nylon latex gloves.

As everyone knows. Natural latex has excellent wear resistance. Can increase the softness of gloves. Helps cushion hands. More wear-resistant and labor-saving. Of course the service life is also longer. More suitable for construction site steel workers.