Types and basic functions of insulating gloves


1. The function of insulating gloves

Insulation gloves are a kind of gloves used to prevent electric shock. Their main function is to provide electrical insulation protection for electricians and other professionals. Insulating gloves are indispensable safety protection products during operations such as repairing high-voltage equipment and troubleshooting wires and cables.

2. Classification of insulating gloves

According to the material classification, they can be divided into: rubber insulating gloves, plastic insulating gloves, silk insulating gloves, etc.

According to the protection level, it can be divided into: 500V insulating gloves, 1000V insulating gloves, 3000V insulating gloves, etc.

According to the classification of use, they can be divided into two categories: special insulating gloves and general insulating gloves. Among them, special insulating gloves are suitable for high-voltage electrical equipment inspection and maintenance work; general insulating gloves are suitable for electrician maintenance and production operations of lower voltage (≤1000V).

3. Protective performance of insulating gloves

The protective properties of insulating gloves include resistance to electric shock and pressure resistance. The anti-electric shock performance refers to the protective ability of the gloves to prevent electric current from passing through the gloves and causing harm to the body; the voltage resistance performance refers to the voltage resistance of the gloves, that is, the maximum voltage value that it can withstand.

4. Safe use methods

1. Before use, check the gloves for damage, oil stains, etc.

2. Insulating gloves of the corresponding level should be selected according to the working environment and needs.

3. Wear insulating shoes, insulating tape and other insulating protective equipment before putting on gloves.

4. Keep the gloves dry and free of water when working.

5. Gloves should be inspected and tested regularly and replaced in time if damage is found.

5. Suggestions for selecting insulating gloves for different workplaces

1. It is recommended to use special 3000V insulating gloves for maintenance operations of high-voltage equipment such as power plants and substations.

2. It is recommended to use 1000V insulating gloves for electrical installation and maintenance work.

3. It is recommended to use 500V insulated gloves for general electrician maintenance and production operations.

In short, the correct selection and use of insulating gloves can help improve work safety and prevent electrical accidents.