What do the different levels of insulating gloves mean


Insulation gloves are five gloves made of rubber. They are anti-electricity, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, chemical-proof, etc., thus effectively protecting store workers from insulating power distribution bodies. We often hear about Class 00 insulating gloves, Class 1 insulating gloves, etc. The concepts of these classes are relatively vague. Below, the editor of Chengge will give you a detailed understanding of their meaning from the two aspects of national standards and European standards.

1. National standard GB/T17622-2008 Insulating gloves for live work

Insulating gloves are divided into five levels according to electrical properties

Level 0, suitable for voltages of 380V and below;

Level 1, suitable for voltages of 3kV and below;

Level 2, suitable for voltages of 10kV and below;

Level 3, suitable for voltages of 20kV and below;

Level 4, suitable for voltages of 35k V and below.

2. EN60903-2003 European insulating gloves standard

European standard insulating gloves are divided into six levels according to electrical performance.

Class 00, maximum applicable voltage 0.5kv

Level 0, maximum applicable voltage 1kv

Level 1, maximum applicable voltage 7.5kv

Level 2, maximum applicable voltage 17kv

Level 3, maximum applicable voltage 26.5kv

Level 4, maximum applicable voltage 36kv