Labor protection gloves common problems


1.which kind of labor protection gloves is more wear-resistant? 
(1). Nitrile protective gloves 
Nitrile rubber is made of butadiene and acrylonitrile by emulsion polymerization. Its products have excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance, and are flexible and comfortable to use. Widely used in electronics, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other industries. 
(2). Canvas gloves 
Canvas gloves are woven with multiple strands of thread, dense texture, very wear-resistant, can effectively protect the hands of workers, often used in construction, grinding, hardware casting and other intense working environment. 
(3). Hang rubber gloves 
Hanging rubber glove is a kind of glove that is taken out of the upside down drying after the glove mold is soaked in the vulcanized rubber liquid. It has good wear resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and cold resistance, and is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric welding maintenance, road construction, mining and other industries. 
2. Labor protection gloves are too big to do? 
If you encounter the problem of labor protection gloves are too big, each glove has a different size, you can first measure the size of your own hand, and then you can place an order according to your own size, because too large labor protection gloves are easier to fall off on your hand, and there are great security risks. 
3.Labor protection gloves smell how to do? 
If the gloves have an odor, you can use tea, soap or activated carbon to absorb the odor, if the odor is particularly heavy and difficult to remove, it is recommended not to use again, because it may contain formic acid, stupid na and other harmful substances to the human body. 
4. Can the protective gloves be washed? 
Protective gloves can be cleaned, but pay attention to the cleaning method. If it is ordinary cotton gloves or canvas gloves, you can wash with neutral detergent, if it is PVC gloves or PE gloves, you need to use industrial washing electricity or industrial detergent for cleaning. 
5. The use of labor protection gloves 
Before use, all accessories that may affect the safety of operation must be removed, and gloves and other personal protective devices must be checked to ensure integrity and no damage. Wash your hands before wearing gloves. Wash or discard cloth and leather gloves regularly. When using, the sleeves should be put into the gloves to prevent accidents. Protective gloves should be cleaned in time after use, and after drying, you can sprinkle talcum powder to prevent damage. 
6.Common labor protection gloves purchase skills 
(1). Choose according to hand size 
When purchasing protective gloves, we should pay attention to whether the specifications and models of protective gloves are very tight, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the hand, the gloves are too large, the work is not flexible, and it is easy to fall from the hand. 
(2). Choose according to the working environment 
In the purchase of protective gloves, we should not only pay attention to the specifications and models, but also pay attention to whether its function is suitable for their own working environment, contact with oil substances, it is necessary to choose gloves with good oil resistance, mechanical processing work needs to choose protective gloves with good wear resistance and cutting resistance.