Labor protection gloves common glove palm grip


According to the requirements of the handle of the specific station, select the glove palm line with the corresponding characteristics:

Diamond palm grip: refers to the rhombus of gloves. This kind of palm pattern is outstanding in the ability to grip dry or humid objects; it is particularly suitable for contacting oily and greasy items; prevent oil and greasy food residues on the gloves.

Fish scales palm grip: It is named after glove texture like the scales on the back of the fish. It feels delicate, density, anti -slip oil -proof, and the texture of this glove can better grasp the items.

Smooth palm grip: refers to the gloves on the surface of the glove. Gloves without texture can provide the best touch, and the flexibility is enhanced; during fine processing, the smooth glove surface can avoid leaving any fine traces on the surface of the product; easy to clean.

The line palm grip: refers to a very light texture on the outside of the glove; it is used for the outer lines of the lined gloves; the texture of the gloves can cover the palm or fingertips. The texture of this glove can better grab the items, while avoiding foreign objects such as food embedded in gloves.

Non -slip palm grip: This pattern is formed by immersion in chemicals before latex vulcanization (this production process can make rubber more flexible). This palm pattern has a high -profile anti -slip surface, which is especially suitable for wet or rough objects; it provides a good function of anti -tear anti -tear and slight puncture.

Coarse palm grip : This pattern is formed formed in raw materials with powdery substances. The ability to grasp dry or humid objects is strong.