The advantages and maintenance methods of pigskin gloves


There are many leather gloves. Why choose pigskin?

Pigskin has good abrasion resistance. Although its cortex is relatively rough. But for construction, maintenance and other work. Gloves made of durable materials are required. And pigskin also satisfies this. In addition to its good wear resistance. The cortical softness of pigskin is also better. It is very close to the hand after wearing it. Allows the wearer to move freely while working.

How to clean and maintain pigskin gloves?

For the maintenance of pigskin gloves. All you need to do is keep it clean. When cleaning, use some leather-specific cleaning agents. when saving. Pay attention to dry and ventilated. Pay attention to avoid high temperature and prolonged immersion in water. When cleaning pigskin gloves. Common cleaning reagents on the market can be selected. But be careful not to soak all the pigskin gloves in water. The composition of the cleaning agent should also be known in advance. Avoid choosing some materials that will damage the leather material of the glove. If the value of the glove is higher. After cleaning, or if the leather is worn. You can choose some non-greasy leather maintenance cream. But be careful to let these maintenance cream penetrate slowly. Then choose a clean soft cloth to polish. This can better protect the luster of the leather. Avoid it from drying out.