The difference between latex foam gloves and wrinkled gloves


Generally speaking, the rubber surface of latex labor protection gloves has been specially treated to form a natural texture effect. The anti-slip effect has been achieved. This process. We call it wrinkling. Depending on the type of yarn. We divide this latex wrinkle gloves into several types. Commonly used are 13-gauge latex wrinkle gloves, 10-gauge wrinkle gloves, and 21-gauge latex wrinkle gloves.

But latex foam gloves are completely different from latex wrinkled gloves. The rubber surface of foam gloves is like a fine sponge. Compared to wrinkled gloves. The rubber surface is softer, warmer and more delicate. Another difference from wrinkled gloves. Foam gloves are not only breathable in the glove liner. And the rubber surface of the glove also has good air permeability. During use, it can keep the palm flexible, breathable, dry and refreshing. Thereby improving the occurrence of stuffy palms and sweating.

But the foam gloves are after the natural latex is foamed. The integrity of the adhesive surface is compromised. While improving comfort, it also reduces its wear resistance. When engaged in heavy labor affairs. Foam gloves are not very suitable. It is generally more suitable for light work environments such as housekeeping services.