Introduction to earplugs


Earplugs are sound-insulating materials that can be inserted into the external auditory canal. They can be classified into the following types according to their shape.

1. Bullet shape

There are many types of sponge earplugs that are recognized as comfortable and have good sound insulation.

2. Rocket type

It is easy to pull out, but it is easy to cause a gap in the ear canal, resulting in unsatisfactory sound insulation.

3. Trumpet shape

Hard center for easy earplug insertion, silicone material.

4. Christmas tree shape

Generally, it is made of silicone material, which brings a slight swelling and pain, and is used for labor insurance earplugs and swimming earplugs.

5. Cylindrical

This type of earplug is very soft and can be easily squeezed into a shape that fits the ear canal. However, compared with the bullet and rocket type, because the two ends are the same width, it is not easy to knead the end that enters the ear canal into a size that fits the ear canal.

2. Features

(1) Small size, easy to carry, and easy to lose (you can choose earplugs with wires to solve it);

(2) Do not hinder the wearing of other protective equipment;

(3) In a hot and humid environment, it is more comfortable to wear than earmuffs for a long time;

(4) Wearing earplugs requires certain skills, and the users need to be trained;

(5) Foam earplugs need to be rubbed by hand, so they are not suitable for people with dirty hands.