Types and selection of reflective vests in labor insurance products


Reflective vests are a common piece of safety equipment that can improve people's visibility at night or in low-light conditions, thereby reducing traffic accidents and other accidents.

Reflective vests are generally divided into three categories: high-visibility reflective vests, low-visibility reflective vests, and smart reflective vests.

1. High-visibility reflective vests usually come in eye-catching fluorescent colors, such as yellow or orange, and are equipped with large-area reflective strips to increase visibility during the day or at dusk.

2. Low-visibility reflective vests are usually made of dark or black materials, and reflect light in dark places or at night to improve visibility.

3. Smart reflective vests use more advanced technologies, such as LED lights and smart devices, which can provide higher safety protection in specific situations.

After understanding the types of safety clothing, how to choose a suitable reflective vest is also very important, mainly from two perspectives: style and color:

1. Style selection:

In the actual work process, you can choose full-body protection or upper-body protection due to different protection requirements. Do you need other functions, such as: pockets, walkie-talkie pendants, baton pendants, etc. Reflective vests made of breathable fabrics are optional for those with higher requirements for breathability.

2. Color selection:

Due to management needs, usually the construction site needs to distinguish different types of work through the different colors of warning clothing. Up to now, the following common colors can be selected to distinguish personnel.

Generally, yellow represents team leadership; red represents security inspectors; blue represents technology; and orange represents safety supervision.