What are the functions of anti-static?


Anti-static gloves are hand protection devices specially designed to prevent static electricity, and are used to prevent the accumulation and conduction of static electricity. Widely used in electronic manufacturing, semiconductor production, laboratory work, precision assembly, medical equipment and other fields to protect personnel safety and prevent static electricity from causing damage to equipment and products.
It mainly has the following functions:
1. Prevent electrostatic damage.
The accumulation of charge generated by static electricity can cause damage to electronic components, sensitive equipment and precision equipment. Wearing anti-static gloves can cut off the electrostatic discharge path of the human body and reduce the electrostatic impact on these devices, thereby reducing the potential risk of damage.
2. Protect personnel safety.
In some specific working environments, such as handling flammable and explosive substances or operating electronic components during the manufacturing process, electrostatic discharge can cause fire, explosion and other safety risks. Wearing anti-static gloves can effectively reduce the possibility of static electricity and improve the safety of operators.
3. Protect product quality.
In industries such as electronics, optics, and semiconductors, static electricity can adversely affect product quality and performance. Static electricity will attract dust and other particles, causing product surface contamination and affecting product quality. By wearing anti-static gloves, you can reduce static electricity from your body and reduce the risk of this contamination.