What are the differences between latex gloves with powder and without powder?


Latex gloves are currently the most popular disposable gloves on the market. Latex gloves can be used not only in daily life, but also in industrial applications. Latex gloves on the market can be divided into powdered latex gloves and powder-free latex gloves, so what is the difference between powdered and powder-free latex gloves?

In fact, powdered and powder-free latex gloves refer to the coating inside the glove. The following is the difference between powdered and powder-free:

1. Powdered latex gloves

The inside of the powdered latex glove is coated with a layer of starch powder, the purpose is to reduce the friction between the glove and the hand, making the glove easy to put on and take off. This starch is usually cornstarch or potato starch. The powder absorbs moisture to help keep hands dry and reduce discomfort.

2. Powder-free latex gloves

Powder-free latex gloves do not contain internal powder coating. Compared with powdered gloves, powder-free gloves are more suitable for certain application scenarios and groups of people. They reduce the risk of powder allergy and are particularly suitable for those who are sensitive to dust or prone to allergic reactions, such as certain healthcare workers and patients. In healthcare, powder-free latex gloves are becoming a common choice to reduce potential allergy risks to patients and healthcare workers.