Main Material of Cut Resistant Gloves


Hand protective equipment plays an important role in protecting the hands of employees during production and labor. The cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect the hands from being scratched by sharp objects when they are moving. They are generally used in meat processing, extreme mechanical strength operations, and high-cutting risk workplaces. The TPE material of cut-resistant gloves is a combination of cut-resistant and soft TPE protection, which provides an additional layer of protection during work.
Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into 3 types in terms of material.
One is the metal glove, which is made of countless small rings. Its function is to protect the hands from being cut during the operation of cutting machinery. According to the needs of the operation, this kind of cut-resistant gloves can be divided into two types: three-finger and five-finger protection.
It is mainly used in meat processing, extreme mechanical strength operations, and high cutting risk workplaces. Steel plate sorting, equipment and tool manufacturing personnel wear this kind of gloves, which can protect hands and wrists, can operate safely and safely, and improve processing efficiency.
The second is the BLADE X5 TM yarn, which uses high-strength polyethylene and glass fiber materials as the core of the yarn, and uses new fibers as the outer layer of the yarn. This type of material is more resistant to cutting. High-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber (HPPE) is also a good fiber cutting-resistant material. Lightweight, comfortable to use, and processed with steel wire, the cut-resistant product standard far exceeds CE5 level. This cut-resistant glove has no coating on the back, is breathable and comfortable, and at the same time provides ideal flame retardant and cut protection. It is mainly used in automotive parts assembly, product packaging, electronic and electrical assembly, and light assembly work.
The third is cut-resistant gloves mainly made of Kevlar. The original color of the fiber is yellow, strong, light, and flexible. The yarn of BLADE X5 TM, which uses the new fiber as the outer layer of the yarn, is not easy to shed, does not change color when exposed to light, has excellent wear resistance and cut resistance, and its strength is 15 times that of steel of the same quality. It is elastic, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean. The notable features are super wear-resistant, good elasticity, easy to take off and put on, breathable and comfortable, does not affect the movement of hand joints, and can more effectively prevent damage to palms and fingers caused by knives and sharp objects.