Classification and selection of welding gloves


Material of welding gloves:
The main materials are cow split leather, cow head leather, pigskin, sheepskin and other natural leather.
Features of welding gloves:
It is mainly heat insulation, wear-resistant, prevents splashes from being burned, blocks radiation, and has certain insulation properties.
Classification of welding gloves:
1. Argon arc welding gloves (TIG) have less welding spatter. But the temperature is high, the radiation is strong, and the welding wire is relatively thin. Therefore, this type of glove feels better, is relatively thin, and will not be too long.
2. Ordinary manual welding gloves are called manual welding. It is the welding that we usually use a pair of pliers to hold the welding rod. This type of welding has a lot of high-temperature spatter. So the gloves used are mostly Gary's double layer. The length is also above 34CM.
Selection of welding gloves:
1. Choose welding gloves according to your working environment. For example, welders need to be thicker. Longer welding gloves. Thick can protect hands from being burned. Long can protect the arm from being hurt.
2. Choose according to your own type of work. For example, argon arc welding is mainly done with one hand, usually with the right hand. But argon arc welding gloves don't need to be too thick. But it takes a long time.
3. Choose according to the season. Generally, welding gloves used in summer are not too thick. It will be very hot.