The role of ceremonial gloves


1. What does white gloves mean

White gloves have a wide range of meanings. The original meaning refers to white gloves worn on people's hands. There are also some symbolic meanings. For example:

1. Western traditional symbol
Europe used to use gloves to represent authority and holiness. Early European knights. Put on white gloves. Indicates the performance of sacred duties. Take off the gloves and hold them in your hands. Indicates being unrestrained. Throw the gloves in front of the other party. Indicates challenging a duel. The challenged knight picks up the gloves. Declare the challenge.

2. The honor of the auctioneer

The highest honor an auctioneer can get is white gloves. It means that a special auction has a 100% transaction rate. It represents the highest recognition of the auctioneer.

3. Symbolic meaning
The white gloves we often say refer to the extended meaning of white gloves. Gloves are used to protect hands. If the "hands" are very dirty and cannot be seen by others, then wear a "white" glove. So that others cannot detect it. Therefore, white gloves also refer to the "legal" outer garment that actually engages in "illegal" affairs. Individuals, units, organizations, etc. who are engaged in this kind of cover-up work. We can all call them white gloves.
2. What is the role of white ceremonial gloves
The role of white gloves is usually reflected in solemn performance ceremonial occasions. For example, when holding a grand military ceremony, it should be solemn and serious. Everyone needs to dress appropriately. Wear neatly. Show the temperament of a soldier. At this time, you can wear white gloves. The flag-raiser who raises and lowers the national flag will also wear white gloves. In addition, wedding ceremonies sometimes let the emcee wear white gloves to show the purity of the wedding. However, white gloves are not suitable for personal socializing, because it is very impolite to shake hands with people with gloves.