How much do you know about cotton gloves that are often used?


Cotton yarn gloves are a kind of cotton fiber machine woven gloves called cotton yarn gloves, because of the general use in the labor insurance industry, widely welcomed, so it is also called labor protection gloves.

一、cotton glove principle

Cotton yarn gloves from the word (word) meaning has been clear glove material, namely: cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is usually woven with cotton into a kind of fabric raw materials, which human beings on this basis also gave birth to the knitting mechanism for gloves, so far is the manual preparation to mechanical artificial power preparation development to computer-controlled automatic preparation machine production.

二、cotton gloves specifications

 The specifications of cotton yarn gloves are generally formed in accordance with the knitting machine, and the commonly used ones are 7 needles and 10 needles, and the popular conclusion is the density of gloves. If the density of 7 needles is lower than 10 needles, the simple test method is to check the pattern of the glove preparation within one centimeter, 7 needles are about 4 patterns, and 10 needles are about 6 patterns.

② Cotton yarn glove size, glove length generally refers to the edge from the fingertips of the glove to the glove cuff (wrist), usually the length of the glove is made in proportion to the width, so the length of the glove can be generally explained when purchasing.

③ The weight of cotton gloves, the weight of gloves is a sign of the quality of gloves, so the price of high quality is also high. Generally, the length of gloves is unchanged, the thickness of gloves with large weight increases, and the density of gloves is unchanged, the thicker the wear resistance is higher, and the ability to protect the hand is greater. At present, the measurement on the market is generally a unit, such as 10 pairs (pairs) of a, 12 pairs (pairs) for a (bundle), the weight is 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g, 800g, 900g, in 10 pairs and 12 pairs of a look, press a unit is wrong! It should be a pair (double) for unit calculation, then the commonly used is 40g/ pair, 45g/ pair, 50g/ pair, 55g/ pair, 60g/ pair, 65g/ pair, 70g/ pair. Glove weight Indicates the net weight of the product used in the glove.

三、cotton gloves material

① The difference between recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn, the material of gloves is cotton yarn, cotton yarn used in gloves generally have two kinds of recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn, recycled cotton yarn is the yarn of waste textile, the price is lower than the original cotton yarn, the original cotton yarn is made of cotton and chemical fiber textile, and the cotton content is generally divided into polyester cotton yarn and pure cotton yarn, pure cotton yarn is made of 100% cotton. Cotton gloves are the highest price of a pure cotton gloves. The price of raw cotton polyester-cotton gloves is higher than that of gloves made of recycled cotton yarn.

 The number of yarn used in gloves, the number of yarn used in gloves The common recycled cotton yarn is between 3.5-10s, and the original cotton yarn is generally selected 21S. The larger the number of yarn counts, the higher the price of gloves.

③ Glove appearance color, glove color is common white (recycled cotton yarn), bleached white (recycled cotton yarn), white (raw cotton polyester yarn, the more white the color, the higher the polyester, the cheaper the glove price), original white (pure cotton yarn).

四、cotton gloves

In the function of cotton gloves is a kind of ordinary labor gloves, it is suitable for some operations and work in all walks of life, and People's Daily life leisure and entertainment activities, in addition, it is the lining glove of the current line hanging rubber gloves.

五、cotton gloves and similar gloves

Cotton gloves, also known as thread gloves, yarn gloves, knitted gloves, labor protection gloves, work gloves.

One of the thread gloves is not a simple cotton yarn material, some wool, acrylic, nylon, rayon, and so on line can be called thread gloves, hope that customers distinguish the meaning of each similar name.

Yarn gloves are another dialect of cotton gloves, labor protection gloves and work gloves are also called a dialect. Therefore, the name of this kind of gloves on the market can be regarded as labor protection gloves.