Common labor protection gloves maintenance errors


Misunderstanding 1: Long soak cleaning
Wrong: Soak protective gloves in water or detergent for a long time, thinking that it will clean thoroughly. The problem: Excessive soaking can cause damage to the glove material, especially for leather, rubber and other materials, making it lose elasticity, harden and even crack.
Mistake 2: Drying in direct sunlight
Wrong: Leave your cleaned gloves in the sun to speed up drying. The problem: Ultraviolet rays in the sun can accelerate the aging of gloves, making the material brittle and shortening the service life.
Mistake 3: Mixing with sharp objects
Wrong approach: Put labor protection gloves together with sharp objects such as tools and nails. The problem: It is easy to cause gloves to be punctured or scratched, affecting the protective performance.
Mistake 4: Use highly corrosive cleaners
Wrong approach: In order to strong decontamination, use strong acid, alkali and other strong corrosive cleaning agents to clean gloves. The problem: It will damage the material structure of the glove and reduce its protective function.
Misunderstanding five: do not distinguish between materials unified maintenance
Wrong approach: Use the same maintenance method for labor protection gloves of different materials. The problem: For example, cotton gloves and rubber gloves have different maintenance needs, and unified treatment may not achieve good maintenance results.
Mistake six: Frequent folding storage
Wrong: Folding gloves frequently for storage, thinking it saves space. The problem: Frequent folding over a long period of time will produce creases at the fold, which may lead to material breakage over time.