What certificates are required for gloves used in the food industry?


There are many types of disposable gloves on the market. Gloves used in food processing and service industries. Must contain one of the following certificates:
1. SGS food grade national standard test
SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.) is a general notary firm. It refers to the service of SGS to certify the conformity of the target according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions. To carry out relevant certification. It must be tested, tested, identified, certified and other means (SGS certification itself is not a certification, but refers to SGS certification services). Textiles, food, petrochemical products, mineral products and agricultural products and other laboratories test related products.
2. CFDA food and drug safety certification
CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) generally refers to the State Food and Drug Administration. It is an agency directly under the State Council. It is a drug supervision and management department set up by the national government. It is part of my country's drug administrative supervision and management organization system. It belongs to the scope of the national pharmaceutical management organization system.
CFDA is formed by integrating the responsibilities of the Food Safety Office, the Food and Drug Administration, the production link food safety supervision and management responsibilities of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the circulation link food safety supervision and management responsibilities of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is responsible for the supervision and management of food safety in drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and consumption links.
If the gloves do not contain the above certificates. Not only can they not provide a certain protective effect on the hands. They may also cause bacterial infection. Increase the incidence of foodborne diseases or other diseases; in severe cases, they may also cause food poisoning and have adverse consequences. Don't ignore your own health, hygiene and safety for the sake of cheapness!
Therefore, food-grade gloves that have passed the SGS food-grade national standard test and certification. Can be directly used in food processing or food service industries; and disposable gloves with CFDA food and drug safety certification can be used in both the food industry and medical and other industries.