Environmentally friendly gloves


With the increasing development of petrochemicals, the plastic industry has emerged. Many things in life have become plastic products, including disposable shopping bags, disposable straws, and disposable gloves.
However, plastic products used casually in daily life have caused serious problems and burdens on the environment.
Because most of the disposable products used in daily life are made of PE, PVC, etc., they will not degrade in the natural environment for hundreds of years, and they will often accumulate in landfills, rivers, oceans, and forests, seriously affecting people's health and life.
So a new material appeared. Polylactic acid (PLA). Polylactic acid is made from plants such as corn and cassava. The source is natural and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the finished products can also be naturally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment. It does not pollute the environment.
Disposable gloves are also a large number of consumables needed in daily operations. Degradable disposable gloves can be used to reduce pollution to the environment.
To change the environment, start with using degradable materials!