Composition of canvas gloves


1. Brief introduction of canvas gloves
Canvas gloves are a kind of protective gloves, mainly composed of canvas fabric and lining material. Canvas is a common material, composed of cotton or mixed fibers, with good toughness and wear resistance, often used in gloves, canvas shoes and other production. The lining material is to improve the comfort and thermal insulation performance of gloves, generally selected cotton, silk and plush materials.
Second, the composition of canvas gloves detailed explanation
1. Canvas fabric: Canvas is a rough cotton fabric, with good toughness and wear resistance, is generally used to make gloves and other protective supplies. In addition to cotton, canvas also has blended fabrics, such as polyester fiber and nylon fiber, which increase the durability of the fabric.
2. Lining material: The lining material of canvas gloves is generally made of cotton, silk and plush. Cotton lining has good moisture absorption and comfort, silk lining soft texture, feel comfortable; Plush lining has better thermal performance and is one of the commonly used lining materials in cold season.