The difference between canvas gloves and cotton gloves


Canvas gloves have the following advantages:
1. Durability: Because canvas is a very tough and durable material, the gloves made of canvas are more durable than those made of other materials.
2. Wear resistance: The surface of the canvas gloves is very smooth, the wear resistance is very good, and it can withstand long-term high frequency and heavy load use.
3. Good air permeability: Canvas gloves have good air permeability, so that users will not feel stuffy or uncomfortable when wearing canvas gloves.
However, canvas gloves also have some disadvantages:
1. Not suitable for wet environment: Because the canvas material is a cellulose material, it is not very resistant to water. If the canvas gloves are left in a wet environment, it will cause the gloves to become wet and moldy.
2. Uncomfortable: Because canvas is a relatively tough, tough material, it may not feel comfortable wearing it. This discomfort can exacerbate difficulty concentrating on tasks or moving devices quickly.
Next, cotton gloves. Cotton is a natural cellulosic material that is often used to make a wide variety of clothing and supplies. Cotton gloves are usually made of cotton fibers mixed with other materials to improve the breathability and comfort of the gloves, so that users feel more comfortable when wearing for a long time.
Cotton gloves have the following advantages:
1. Soft and comfortable: Cotton is a soft, warm material that makes gloves very comfortable. They are ideal for ordinary working environments in everyday life.
2. Good air permeability: Similar to canvas gloves, cotton gloves also have good air permeability, which can still keep the user's hands dry and comfortable in the hot summer.
However, cotton gloves also have some disadvantages:
1. Easy to damage: Compared with canvas material, cotton material is a more fragile substance. When cotton is faced with heavy or heavy objects, its surface is easy to be worn or scratched or even perforated.
2. Poor durability: Because cotton is a natural cellulose material, cotton itself has a disadvantage compared to canvas and other durable materials. Contact with long-term high frequency, dust flying, mechanical impact and other scenes are easy to wear, resulting in a relatively short service life.
In general, canvas gloves and cotton gloves each have their own advantages and disadvantages. When durable, wear resistant gloves are needed