Raw materials for making latex gloves


1. Natural latex
Natural latex is the most important raw material for latex gloves, which has excellent elasticity and flexibility, and can effectively protect hands from external damage. In addition, natural latex also has waterproof, oil resistant, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, which can provide better protection during use.
2. Filler
Filler is the auxiliary raw material in latex gloves, its main role is to fill the gap in the latex material, increase the thickness and strength of the glove, thereby improving its service life. Commonly used fillers include powdery clay, talc powder and so on.
3. Pigment
For the sake of aesthetics and easy identification, latex gloves usually have a certain amount of pigment added to make it easy to distinguish between different glove types and specifications. However, in order to ensure the safety and stability of latex gloves, you should choose a qualified pigment that is certified and tested.
4. Auxiliary material
Auxiliary materialrefer to some auxiliary materials used in the production process of latex gloves, the main role is to improve the fluidity and stability of latex materials, so as to improve the production efficiency and quality of gloves. Commonly used Auxiliary material include vulcanizing agent, accelerator, stabilizer and so on.
In general, the raw materials of latex gloves include natural latex, fillers, pigments and processing AIDS, etc., each with different characteristics and functions, and need to go through strict production process and quality testing to ensure the quality and safety of gloves. When choosing latex gloves, you should choose products that have been rigorously tested and certified, and strictly follow the instructions for use.