Use of fire gloves


Use of fire gloves:
Fire-fighting gloves are mainly designed for firefighters to resist open fire, radiant heat, water immersion, general chemicals and mechanical injuries when working on the fire site. They are five-fingered, four-layer structure, and are divided into flame retardant layer, waterproof and breathable layer, thermal insulation layer, and comfort layer (sleeves are allowed in addition to the glove body). Fire-fighting gloves series are mainly applicable to government, military industry, chemical industry, steel smelting, communication, medicine, automobile manufacturing, etc.
Waterproof layer: the fabric with waterproof and moisture permeability function is adopted.
Thermal insulation layer: adopt fabrics with thermal insulation, flame retardance, heat radiation protection and other properties.
Comfort layer: comfortable fabric with flame retardance.
Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, wear-resistant, waterproof, radiation heat resistant, high strength and other characteristics
Style: five-finger style
Purpose: suitable for the protection of hands and wrists during fire fighting to prevent scratches and cuts
Compliance standard: Fire Gloves of the Ministry of Public Security
Fire-fighting gloves are made of special aramid material. The surface of the gloves is free of powder, particle pollutants and hair loss, so it will not pollute the dust-free environment.
It can be used in high temperature environment of 180-300 ℃
Fire-fighting gloves can be used in the high-temperature environment of semiconductor, electronics, precision instruments, integrated circuits, LCD and other electronic and biological pharmaceutical, optical instruments and food industries.
Product specification/model of fire gloves:
ST-1 anti-cutting and explosion-proof gloves, ST-2 emergency rescue gloves, ST-3 stab-proof gloves, ST-4 high-temperature gloves, ST-5 fire gloves, ST-6 built-in pure cotton gloves, ST-7 insulating gloves, ST-8 anti-chemical gloves
Precautions for fire gloves:
Gloves are not suitable for special fire fighting operations in high-risk situations, nor are they suitable for chemical, biological, electrical, electromagnetic, nuclear radiation and other dangerous places.
Please store it in a dry, ventilated and dark place.
It can be washed with water and neutral (the recommended temperature is 40 ℃), which helps to prolong the wearing life and remove pollution.
Hang and dry after washing.
Maintenance of fire gloves:
The gloves should be cleaned and dried in time after being wetted;
Store in a dry and ventilated place to prevent mildew;
It cannot be stored together with acid, alkali and corrosive substances.