The characteristics and selection of wire gloves


. What are the characteristics of steel wire gloves

1. High-quality stainless steel material, nylon belt.

2. Excellent anti-wear, anti-cut and anti-puncture protection. Comfortable to wear. Easy to clean.

3. Single glove. Can be adjusted by the strap. The two hands are used interchangeably.

4. Safety and health. Easy to clean.

5. The protection level reaches level 5.

6. There are two options for cuffs, Velcro or buttons. Easy to remove.

7. Fine workmanship, soft and comfortable to wear, no feeling of cutting hands at all.

8. It has anti-cutting, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant properties and strong endurance.

9. And it is very easy to clean, easy to use and light.

, the application of wire gloves

The main industries used are: meat processing industry, large restaurant kitchen, paper industry, furniture manufacturing, handicraft processing, clothing cutting industry, etc. Because for the above-mentioned industries. Their operations are more harmful to hands. It is also more convenient to work with these wire gloves. Both can protect hands. It can also play a certain protective role on the wrist. In this way, the staff can work safely and worry-free throughout the whole process! Wire gloves can greatly improve their work efficiency.

. Precautions for choosing and using steel wire gloves

Choose wire hand cutting as a risk prevention measure. In addition to considering materials, uses and prices. Also have to take into account the opinions of the staff. Let them participate in choosing models and styles. It is worth noting that users must understand the limitations and care of gloves, which can be found in the instructions or labels of the gloves. For example, wire gloves are not completely cut resistant. Only suitable for manually operated knives. Knitted fiber gloves are not resistant to jagged or wavy knife edges.

In life or sanitation workers should not use cut-resistant gloves when repairing thorny flowers and plants. Because wire gloves are made of steel wires. There will be many densely packed pores that allow the thorns to pass through. Wire gloves are designed for people's long-term industrial safety. In long-term use, it is often in contact with sharp objects. Gloves are bound to have small holes. If the hole in the glove is too large. It may threaten the safety of users. At this point the glove needs to be repaired or replaced.