The principle of touch screen gloves


First, want to know how touchscreen gloves work. It is necessary to first know how the touch screen works. The touch screens on mobile phones and tablets are basically capacitive screens. It works based on the induced current of the human body. The capacitive screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. On the innermost and middle layers of the screen. All coated with a layer of chemical coating ITO. And the outermost layer is coated with a thin layer of silica glass as a protective layer. And those ITO coatings. It is the important working surface of the entire capacitive screen. They lead out four electrodes respectively from the four corners of the screen. It ensures a good working environment for the shielding layer.

And when we touch the capacitive screen with our finger. due to the action of the electric field in the human body. Coupling capacitance will be formed between the finger and the ITO working surface. And on the work surface. Because of the high frequency signal. There will be a tiny current absorbed by the finger on the work surface. This current flows out from the four corners of the screen, respectively. And the magnitude of the current flowing through the four corners is proportional to the distance between the finger and the four corners. After the precise calculation of the mobile phone. You can get the specific location of the finger touch. Put it directly. Just touch the screen with your finger. Induced current is generated. And this induced current makes the capacitive screen work.

That's why ordinary gloves won't make the screen work. Ordinary gloves are made of thick insulating material. As a result, when the finger touches the screen. The distance between the fingers and the ITO coating is too far. Capacitance cannot be formed and the screen cannot work. And what about touchscreen gloves? It uses conductive materials (such as metal-containing fabric fibers) in the area of ​​the fingers. Therefore, an effective capacitance can still be formed between the fingertip and the screen. Thus both charge and current can be transferred. The screen will naturally work normally.

How to Pick Touchscreen Gloves

1. Wool fabrics: the most accurate but not durable enough

The materials of touch screen gloves are mainly wool fabrics and leather. Wool touch screen gloves are the most common type. The price is not expensive either. The way to achieve touch is mainly to integrate conductive fabrics at the fingertips. Relatively speaking. Because it can tightly wrap the palm. Therefore, its precise operability is the best. But the disadvantages include pilling easily, not durable enough, single layer design not warm enough, etc.

2. Leather: the most beautiful but less accurate

Leather gloves are basically the most fashionable styles. And relatively more windproof and warmer. Their shortcomings are also more obvious. It will make the fingers thicker. Precise operations such as typing are not possible.

3. Multifunctional: suitable for outdoor sports

Friends who like skiing and other winter outdoor sports can consider multifunctional touch gloves. These gloves are usually bulky. Made of high-tech composite materials. It can achieve good windproof and warm effect. But obviously. Its precise operability is not excellent.