Why are latex gloves easy to break?


Latex gloves are a kind of protective gloves that are often used in our daily life. But it is very easy to break after a long time or wear. This is because latex is not resistant to oil and heat. Therefore, in the case of improper use, it is easy to age and damage the latex. It's a shame to throw a latex glove with a hole in it. Gloves can be refinished and continue to be used. Repair latex gloves can use cyanoacrylate, medical tape, double-sided tape and other tapes to stick some rubber on it.

1. What are latex gloves

Latex gloves. It is a type of gloves made of rubber sheets or films. It is a kind of safety protection equipment. The scope of application of latex gloves includes automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, aircraft assembly, food processing, electrical engineering and other industries.

2. Why are latex gloves easy to break?

The latex gloves we usually use are actually natural rubber products. The oil resistance and heat resistance of rubber are not very strong. So if you use it every day at high temperatures. In addition, the gloves are not cleaned immediately after cleaning up the greasy. Over time, it will accelerate the aging of gloves.

And the molecular structure of natural rubber is very similar to oil. It is easy for each other to get into each other's gaps. This is what we often call the phenomenon of "similar compatibility". So when the oil stains stay on the gloves for a long time. The gloves will slowly dissolve. accelerated its aging. This is why latex gloves are fragile. So when washing things with gloves, try to avoid hot water and oily stains. Otherwise, the latex gloves will be damaged by rapid aging.

However, latex gloves can sometimes become brittle and hard. It is also easy to break. Why is this? In fact, this is due to the aging of natural rubber in two cases. In case of frequent contact with oil and hot water. will become soft and sticky. But if the gloves are not washed in time or exposed to the sun frequently. It is easy to become hard and brittle.

The first is to avoid prolonged contact with high temperature and oil; second, it must be cleaned in time after use. Dry in the shade in a ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun. However, there is no need to rush the damaged rubber gloves. Here are a few ways to repair rubber gloves.

3. Can latex gloves be repaired?

1 instant glue. When using, first place a small piece of rubber on the hole in the rubber glove. Just stick it with instant glue.

2 medical tape. Be sure to dry the rubber gloves before use. After applying medical tape. Let it dry out. ready to use.

3. Use three-second glue, double-sided tape, tire repair glue, etc. to fill the hole.

Reminder: Do not use latex gloves for dishwashing. Because glue is toxic.