Types and division of labor insurance gloves


Labor gloves, used to protect the user's hands, are a type of personal protective equipment.
Because of different application environments, when using labor protection gloves, you need to choose according to the corresponding functions. However, with so many labor insurance gloves on the market, how should we divide them?
Types and division of labor insurance gloves
1. Insulating gloves for live work
It is made of rubber, which not only has good electrical insulation properties, but also has good tensile strength and tensile depth, as well as puncture resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance and low temperature resistance. This type of labor insurance gloves, no matter the model, overall size, and technical requirements, must comply with the "General Technical Conditions for Insulating Gloves for Live Work". Mainly used in the working environment with AC voltage of 10kV and below.
2. Acid and alkali resistant gloves
They can be made of materials such as rubber, latex, plastic and dipping respectively, and have a certain protective effect on acid and alkali, but they need to meet the requirements of "Acid (Alkali) Resistant Gloves".
When using this type of labor protection gloves, it is necessary to check whether the gloves have defects such as frosting, brittleness, stickiness and damage. It is necessary to ensure that the gloves are airtight and that there will be no air leakage under certain pressure.
3. Oil resistant gloves
Made of nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane, it is used to protect the skin of the hands from the stimulation of oily substances and to avoid skin diseases such as acute dermatitis, dry skin, chapped skin, pigmentation and nail changes.
4. Welder's Gloves
It is made of cow, pig marmoset leather or two-layer leather, and can be divided into two-finger, three-finger and five-finger types according to the type of fingers. It has the function of protecting hands in the face of high temperature, molten metal, and sparks.
This kind of labor insurance gloves has stricter requirements on the appearance. For example, the first-class product requires the leather body to be uniform in thickness, plump, soft and elastic, and the plush on the leather surface needs to be fine, uniform, firm and consistent in color. If the leather body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather surface is thick, and the color is slightly darker, it is a second-class product.
5. Anti-vibration gloves
Based on gauze gloves and leather gloves, a certain thickness of foam plastic, latex and air sandwich synthetic rubber or foam rubber is added to the palm of the gloves to absorb vibration. Mainly used in industries with exposure to vibration, such as forestry, mining, construction, transportation and other industries, to prevent vibration-induced occupational diseases caused by vibration.
For this type of work gloves, the anti-vibration effect and flexibility are inversely proportional. Because the thicker the pad, the greater the amount of air in contact, the better the anti-vibration effect. However, the greater the thickness of the palm and finger surfaces, the greater the impact on the operation.
6. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant gloves
Traditional fire-resistant and flame-retardant gloves are made of asbestos materials, and are divided into two-finger and five-finger types, with three sizes of large, medium and small. However, because asbestos fibers are irritating to human skin, they are rarely used now. The current fire-resistant and flame-retardant gloves are generally made of flame-retardant canvas or other fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabrics, and are generally used in smelting furnace workers or other furnace types.
7. Anti-static gloves
It is made of special anti-static silk fabric. The base material is made of silk and conductive fibers. It has excellent elasticity and anti-static properties, which can avoid the damage to products caused by static electricity generated by the human body. It is suitable for the electronic industry, semiconductor , dust-free workshop and widely used in daily life.
When working, people need to make good use of various personal protective equipment to better protect themselves. Therefore, I hope that the above sharing of labor insurance gloves will be helpful to everyone.