Classification and selection of high temperature resistant gloves


High temperature resistant gloves can be divided into three types: dust-free high temperature resistant gloves, aluminum foil high temperature resistant gloves, and aramid high temperature resistant gloves.


Heat resistant gloves

Dust-free high temperature gloves are divided into three categories: 180 degrees, 220 degrees, and 300 degrees. Among them, the 180-degree dust-free and high-temperature resistant gloves and the 300-degree dust-free and high-temperature resistant gloves have a flame-retardant base fabric and a high-temperature coating on the surface; the surface of the 300-degree dust-free and high-temperature resistant gloves is made of aramid, and there are two kinds of white and dark green. The inner layers of these three gloves are flame-retardant insulating layer and anti-static base cloth, which make the gloves have anti-static function.


Aluminum foil high temperature resistant gloves


Aluminum foil high temperature gloves are divided into 500 degrees and 800 degrees. The 500-degree palm is aramid fabric and the 800-degree is full aluminum foil fabric.


Aramid heat resistant gloves:

The temperature of aramid high temperature resistant gloves is generally between 100-800 degrees, and the material is aramid.


Choice of heat resistant gloves:

High temperature gloves have different requirements for temperature according to the environment they are in contact with. We need to pay attention when choosing: the two points that must be clear are the contact temperature and the single contact time. Both are indispensable.


The temperature of the contact object is to consider that the glove material on the contact surface of the glove and the high temperature object will not undergo physical or chemical reaction due to high temperature, such as burning or reaching the ignition point, or oxidation after high temperature. Single contact time is the time taken for the temperature to pass from the outer surface of the glove to the inner layer of the glove and exceed the temperature that the human hand can withstand. If your single contact time is less than this, it is within the safe time frame. The contact time of heat resistant gloves is also a very important concern. The contact time of high temperature resistant gloves starts from contact with high temperature and ends when the hand feels unbearable, not until the hand feels a little hot. This time is 15 seconds in the CEen407 standard, so anything up to this time can be used.


What are the applications of high temperature resistant gloves?


Such as kitchen, bakery, barbecue, industrial oven, industrial tunnel furnace, industrial welding, metal smelting, metal extrusion, metal casting, metal slitting, glass production and processing, ceramic production, solar cell production, cold storage, mountaineering, skating, skiing Such as outdoor walking sports and other harsh working conditions. Basically, it can meet the use of multiple industries.