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13 gauge HPPE shell.Orange sandy nitrile dipped.


Cut Resistance glove(ACR)

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    • Commodity name: ACR429
    • Commodity ID: 11036315919776686078
    • Description: Cut Resistance glove
    • Brand Name: ABC SAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 6000Pairs

    13 gauge HPPE shell.Orange sandy nitrile dipped.

    13 gauge HPPE shell.Orange sandy nitrile dipped.

    ITEM NO.:ACR429



    •The cut resistance has a tensile strength 15 times that of steel (on a weight for weight basis),

    • It in extremely resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV rays and chemicals.

    •The specific formulation of the polyurethane dipping provides a secure grip on dry or slightly oily pieces.

    •HPPE is 10 times stronger than steel by weight as well as 40% stronger than aramid fibers offering a softer.cooler alternative.

    •HPPE:High performance polyethylene fibers offer maximum strength with minimum weight.

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    • Cut
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    • cut resistant gauntlets
    • safety gloves
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    • Oil
  • Item No. Size Material Coating Colour Measurements CE certificate
    ACR429 07-S
    nitrile Orange 220mm±5mm EN388-4342
    ACR429 08-M
    nitrile Orange 230mm±5mm EN388-4342
    ACR429 09-L
    nitrile Orange 240mm±5mm EN388-4342
    ACR429 10-XL
    nitrile Orange 250mm±5mm EN388-4342


  • •Handing Applications

    •Glass Handing

    •Metal Fabrication

    •Sheet Steel Manufacture

    •Security Forces

    •Excellent dexterity

  • Package Modes Cartons Size
    12pairs in one polybag+120pairs in one carton 57*25*23cm

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