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Stainless steel Cut Resistant Gloves


Cut Resistance glove(ACR)

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    • Commodity name: ACR410
    • Commodity ID: 11036315919776686026
    • Description: Cut Resistance glove
    • Brand Name: ABC SAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 200pcs

    Stainless steel Cut Resistant Gloves

    Stainless steel Cut Resistant Gloves

    ITEM NO.: ACR410



    •The cut resistance has a tensile strength 15 times that of steel (on a weight for weight basis),

    •Integrated nylon and Lycra fibers add comfort and elasticity

    • It in extremely resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV rays and chemicals.

    •The specific formulation of the polyurethane dipping provides a secure grip on dry or slightly oily pieces.

    •The PU formulation also increases abrasion resistance on the gloves’ work surface.


    The stainless steel security glove is made of thousands of independent welding steel loops. The stainless steel wire glove can provide the reliable safekeeping of security for ours hands, prevents cut from the sharp weapon. This glove clothing is comfortable, the operation is flexible, firm but durable. The stainless steel security glove suits the two hands. Reverses the glove inside and outside then may the right-hand man use. The nylon takes to bring with the metal buckle may move at will compares. 

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  • Item No. N.W G.W Cartons Size      
    ACR410 9.67 10.37 32*26*26cm      


  • • garment factory cutting blade of the installation and use of protective operations;

    • stamping factory forging steel for the removal of protective operations;

    • the slaughtering plant food and protection operation division;

    • the cutter tool factory Production, handling, packaging and testing operations of protection;

    • the highly toxic liquid crystal glass cutting, handling, and assembly operations to protect;

    • as well as military and police security patrol enforcement of hand protection, and so on.


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