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NavyBluecotton/polyester stringknit.NavyBluepvcdotsbothsides.


Knitted with PVC glove(AKP)

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    • Commodity name: AKP229
    • Commodity ID: 1103631507365974016
    • Description: Knitted with PVC glove
    • Brand Name: ABC SAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 6000Pairs

    NavyBluecotton/polyester stringknit.NavyBluepvcdotsbothsides.

    Navy Blue cotton/polyester  string knit.Navy Blue pvc dots both sides.
    HS CODE:6116100000
    • 10 gauge knitted liner
    • Coated with PVC for Added Grip and Durability.
    • Knit Construction Allows Breathability with Less Hand Fatigue. Seamless Pattern Increases Comfort.
    • Small Size Fits Ladies Well.
    • Custom Designed Patterns are Available Including Corporate Logos and Special Unique Patterned Grips. 
    Key words:
    • Knitted glove
    • gloves
    • cotton work gloves
    • safety gloves
    • work gloves
    • pvc dot gloves
    • PVC Dotted Gloves
  • Item No. Size Material Coating Colour Measurements CE certificate
    AKP229 08-S Cotton/Polyester  PVC Navy Blue/Navy Blue 230mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    AKP229 09-M Cotton/Polyester  PVC Navy Blue/Navy Blue 240mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    AKP229 10-XL Cotton/Polyester  PVC Navy Blue/Navy Blue 250mm±5mm EN388 EN420


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    • Light Duty General Work Situations,

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