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String/Cotton Knitted glove(ACK)

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    • Commodity name: ACK136
    • Commodity ID: 1103630950559535104
    • Brand Name: ABCSAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 12000Pairs

    13gauge with 4 threads Black  mixed cotton/polyester Gloves

    ITEM NO.:ACK136


    • No seams to rub or irritate. Permits a longer, more comfortable wear, with no weak points which might split or fray.7 /10 gauge.2/3/4 threads available.

    •String knit structure allows good air flow to the hand. Hands don't become hot and sweaty.

    • Ambidextrous. No need to pair, therefore more economical.

    • All styles washable at 40°C. Will not shrink, stiffen or lose their shape. More hygienic for the wearer. Better value for the provider.

  • Item No. Size Material Colour Measurements CE certificate
    DCK136 08-M mixed cotton/polyester Black 230mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    DCK136 09-L mixed cotton/polyester Black 240mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    DCK136 10-XL mixed cotton/polyester Black 250mm±5mm EN388 EN420


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    • Application of mastic, sealers in paintshops

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