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Green PVC gloves with white cotton back.


Garden glove(ACD/AGB/AGP)

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    • Commodity name: AGP104
    • Commodity ID: 1103631170177486848
    • Description: Garden glove
    • Brand Name: ABC SAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 12000Pairs

    Green PVC gloves with white cotton back.

    Green PVC gloves with stripe back.

    •  Cotton gloves are an inexpensive option and are readily available in home-improvement stores and garden centers.
    •  Breathable and lightweight, they’ll keep your hands clean while digging in the dirt and will protect against blisters while you yank weeds. But they aren’t waterproof, and won’t provide much protection against chemicals, cuts and pokes.
    •  Floral design
    •  Assorted colours
    •  Palm with PVC 
    • Abrasion resistance
    Key words:
    • Garden glove
  • Item No. Size Material Coating Colour Measurements CE certificate
    AGP104 9.5" Cotton/Polyester PVC  Green/Violet 245mm±5mm EN388  EN420
    AGP104 10" Cotton/Polyester PVC  Green/Violet 250mm±5mm EN388  EN420
    AGP104 10.5" Cotton/Polyester PVC Green/Violet 255mm±5mm EN388  EN420


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