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Nylon with PU glove(APU)

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    • Commodity name: APU513
    • Commodity ID: 1103631318379024384
    • Description: Nylon with PU glove
    • Brand Name: ABC SAFETY
    • Minimum Order: 6000Pairs


    13 gauge blue flower design nylon liner. Knit wrist. White PU coated on palm/finger

    ITEM NO.:APU513



    1.Nylon gloves are made of Nylon and coated with polyurethane.

    2.Nylon PU Palm Coated is Polyurethane coated on palm; Nylon PU Fingertips Coated is Polyurethane coated on end fingers of gloves.

    3.Its characteristics are non-slip due to the grip provided by the coating, good ventilation, excellent against water, and sweat preventive.

    4.Water-washable and reusable, has good feeling of wearing.

    5.Seamless knitted, Great tactile sensitivity, Excellent comfort and fit, Greater dexterity, Abrasion resistance, Ultra Slim, More breathable.

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  • Item No. Size Material Coating Colour Measurements CE certificate
    APU513 06-XS Nylon PU Flower design /White 210mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    APU513 07-S Nylon PU Flower design /White 220mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    APU513 08-M Nylon PU Flower design /White 230mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    APU513 09-L Nylon PU Flower design /White 240mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    APU513 10-XL Nylon PU Flower design /White 250mm±5mm EN388 EN420
    APU513 11-XXL Nylon PU Flower design /White 260mm±5mm EN388 EN420




    1. Widely being used for light part handling, mobile phones, Touch screen use, Electronic products assembling, precision instrument assembly, Packing of products, Assembly line production, product inspection and so on where use the fingertips, and various research institutes' inspection engineering project.

    2.Agricultural, Farming, Gardening, Carpentry, Painting, wiring, etc.

    3.Equipment maintenance, machinery commissioning, machine tool maintenance, Heavy industry such as Automobile Industry.


    Package Modes Cartons Size
    1 pair/pearl film polybag, 120 pairs/carton 53*27*26cm
    1 pair/ headcard+hook,12 pairs/polybag, 120pairs/carton 54*25*34cm
    1 pair/polybag, 240pairs/carton 50*26*45cm
    1 pair/headcard+polybag,240pairs/carton  59*28*33cm
    1 pair/color polybag, 12 pair/polybag,120 pairs/carton 58*29*21cm
    1 pair/color polybag, 12 pair/polybag,240 pairs/carton 58*27*40cm
    12 pair/polybag, 72 pairs/carton 30*25*27cm
    12 pair/polybag, 144 pairs/carton 44*26*26cm
    12 pair/polybag,240pairs/carton 50*27*40cm



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