The difference between polyester cotton and pure cotton


A. Different ingredients
1. Cotton: 100% cotton content, usually plain cloth, poplin, twill, denim, etc.
2. Polyester-cotton: mixed yarn containing 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton.
B. Different characteristics
1. Cotton: It has the advantages of deodorization, breathability, comfort, etc. It has strong alkali resistance, not acid resistance, and good high temperature resistance.
2. Polyester cotton: It has good elasticity and wear resistance, and has the characteristics of being straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying. It is easy to absorb oil stains, and it is easy to generate static electricity during wearing and absorb dust, making it difficult to wash.
C. Different washing methods
1. Cotton: Various detergents can be used, but try not to use washing powder. It is best to use transparent soap or soap powder or soap paste. First use warm water to dissolve the detergent, then soak the clothes after it cools down. Not suitable for chlorine bleaching.
2. Polyester cotton: Do not use high-temperature ironing or soaking in boiling water.