Introduction to ski gloves


Mainly used in outdoor adventure and ski resort sports. It is different from the warm, labor protection and decorative gloves worn daily. Due to the specific purpose of ski gloves, they must have corresponding functions, that is, waterproof, breathable, warm and protective.


Main fabric materials: high-density pongee, Oxford cloth, nylon plaid, horizontal grain Taslon;

Main palm material: high-grade PU, elastic terry cloth + anti-slip plastic, anti-slip leather

Main palm material: soft cotton, flannel

Glove features

The entire skiing process is carried out with the help of poles. So the requirements for gloves are very high. Not only should it keep warm and cold-proof, but it should also be soft, wear-resistant, and cut-proof. Ski gloves are generally made from natural leather and synthetic materials. If you accidentally splash snow on your hands while skiing, it can easily melt into water and seep into your gloves. Therefore, the outer fabric of the gloves must be waterproof. Ski equipment must be constantly adjusted during skiing. Therefore, ski gloves should be wide. If the wrist opening of the glove is longer and the sleeve can be covered, the wrist guard can be omitted. If it can be sealed with elastic bands, it can effectively prevent snow from entering. It is best to have quilting for protection and warmth.