Gardening Glove Rating Criteria


Pruning flowers and plants is a common task in gardening. And using appropriate gardening gloves can protect your hands from irritation or injury. By developing scoring criteria. We can evaluate the quality of the work. and ensure the safety and effectiveness of gardening work.

Using Gardening Gloves Scoring Criteria

Using gardening gloves can protect a gardener's hands from irritation or injury. Here are some suggestions for scoring criteria:

1. Suitable size: Gardeners should choose gardening gloves of the right size. To ensure that the hands can work flexibly.

2. Durability: Gardening gloves should be durable. Able to withstand the use of common gardening tasks. Such as pruning, digging or moving plants, etc.

3. Protective: Gardening gloves should be able to effectively protect hands from irritation, sharp objects or plant thorns.

4. Comfort: Gardening gloves fit comfortably on the hands. It should not cause discomfort or limit work flexibility.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: Gardeners should keep gardening gloves clean and check and maintain them in time. to maintain its performance and longevity.