Chemical Resistant Green PVC Gloves


PVC gloves are a common personal protective equipment. It is widely used in medical and laboratory applications. Industrial production and other fields. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride. It has good chemical resistance, reliable waterproof performance and comfortable wearing feeling.
1. Features of gloves
(1) Chemical corrosion resistance
(2) Waterproof
(3) Will not cause allergic reactions
(4) Anti-slip design
2.Application fields
(1) Laboratory field: PVC sleeves are suitable for hand protection in laboratory chemical handling, biological experiments and other environments.
(2) Industrial production field: PVC gloves are used in industrial production, such as assembly and production operations in the fields of electronics, machinery, automobiles, etc., to protect workers' hand safety.
3. Precautions for using PVC gloves
(1) When purchasing, choose the appropriate size. Make sure it is comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off.
(2) Before wearing, the gloves should be checked for damage. Prevent leakage during use.
(3) When using, avoid contact with sharp objects. Protect gloves from punctures.