Compared to frosted gloves, which one is more sturdy, ultra-fine foam gloves


1、 Characteristics of ultrafine foam gloves

The superfine foam glove is a kind of light, soft and flexible glove. The material is polyurethane. The superfine foam can better fit the hand, so as to provide better hand protection. At the same time, this type of glove has good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, and other characteristics, making it suitable for use in laboratories, factory production lines, and other occasions.

2、 Characteristics of frosted gloves

Frosted gloves, also known as PU gloves, are gloves made of polyurethane material. The surface of the gloves is treated with frosting, which has the characteristics of anti slip and durability. This type of glove has good stretchability and is very suitable for working environments that require hand protection and maintain flexibility, such as assembly lines and packaging industries.

3、 Comparison between ultrafine foam gloves and frosted gloves

1. Durability

Frosted gloves are more wear-resistant and have stronger compression resistance compared to ultra-fine foam gloves. The frosted treatment on the surface of the gloves can greatly improve slip resistance. At the same time, this type of glove is relatively resilient and not easily scratched or torn, which can protect the hands for a longer time.

2. Comfort

Ultra fine foam gloves are relatively lightweight, soft, and have a good hand feel. The gloves are hollow and have good breathability. They won't feel hot or even anxious when worn for a long time. The surface sanding treatment of frosted gloves can improve slip resistance, but it also weakens the softness of the gloves. Wearing it for too long can cause discomfort or even damage to the hand skin.

4、 Conclusion

From the perspectives of durability and comfort, it can be found that frosted gloves are slightly more sturdy, while ultrafine foam gloves are more comfortable. Therefore, gloves should be selected based on specific applications. For jobs that require higher slip resistance and protection, it is more suitable to choose frosted gloves; For work that requires higher comfort and does not feel urgent when used for a long time, it is more suitable to choose ultrafine foam gloves.

In short, regardless of which type of glove to choose, it is important to ensure that the gloves are suitable for your size and wear to improve hand protection.