What is the difference between cotton and nylon, polyester and spandex gloves?


1. What is the difference between cotton and nylon, polyester and spandex gloves?
Only textile materials of different ingredients. The main differences between them are nylon, polyester, and spandex are synthetic fibers, and cotton is just natural fibers. Compared with these three materials, cotton has good hygroscopic, warmth and breathability, and is suitable for making a variety of clothing fabrics.
Nylon: It is nylon. Compared with polyester, it feels softer and more abrasion, so it is often used to make stockings, high -end backpacks or bags, and the price is higher. Of course, nylon is better than polyester on clothing fabrics, but its quality control is more difficult and the price is higher than polyester.
Polyester: It should be the most widely used material in all synthetic fibers. Because of its low price, wide variety adaptability, and good coloring, it is widely used in many clothing fabrics.
Spandex: Just an elastic fiber and cannot be used alone. It needs to be used with other materials to make these materials have better performance and good abrasion resistance. It ranks first among all fibers. The wet fiber is 140 times, so its durability is very good.
Which fabric is better?

Nylon fabric is better. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under smaller external force. Therefore, its fabric is easy to flex while wearing. The nylon fabric has a dull luster. , The feel is firm and firm. After holding the fabric, it will become loose, slowly restore the original shape. The strength and fastness of the fabric.