Leather gloves inspection knowledge


(1) Types of leather gloves:
Labor insurance leather gloves, driver leather gloves
(2) Grading of leather gloves:
Divided into A, B, C three grades
(3) Precautions for leather gloves:
1. The dry humidity of gloves
2. Soft touch problem
3. The problem of color deterioration
4. Estimated time for moldy spots to appear
5. 12 to 1 to 10 to 1 box
6. Needlework
(4) The common quality problems of leather gloves are:
1. The surface leather is too thin, hard, loose, and wrinkled, and the thickness, hardness, and thickness of the same pair of gloves are different.  
2. The color of the leather surface of the same pair of gloves is inconsistent. The color of the palm and the back of the hand is asymmetrical, and the color difference of the finger strips, triangles, and rolling mouth is serious.  
3. Stitch density is uneven, irregular, loose bottom thread, skipped stitches, empty stitches, bent sidelines, and derailment. the
4. The forked feet are uneven, wrinkled, hanging crotch, the fingers are not round and straight, the left and right thumbs are not the same, there is a phenomenon of straightening and carrying, and the five fingers are loose. Cracks, off-lines.  
5. The ribs on the back of the same pair of gloves are asymmetrical, uneven, uneven, and come in and out differently. the
6. The belt and the copper mouth device are asymmetrical, not firm, and have different heights. the
7. The joints of the rolling mouth are loose and loose, and the thickness of the rolling mouth is uneven, curved and narrow.  
8. The inside is too short or too narrow, there are crisp boards and empty boards in the fur, the stitching seams are not flat, and there are missing stitches.