Brief introduction of glove dipping process


The dipped gloves produced by the dipping machine can be used in household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries. It is a must-have hand protection product. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.
After the glove model is cleaned with acid and alkali and washed with water. First soak in hot water to heat, then soak in coagulant and dry to dip. After dipping, send it to the oven for preliminary drying, add fiber inner sleeve, rinse with hot water, and then send it to the oven for vulcanization and drying for molding. After the gloves are removed from the mold, they are inflated, inspected, shaped at low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed with water, dehydrated, dried, and then packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse.
Dipping gloves can be divided into five types: glossy dipping gloves, hemp surface dipping gloves, striped dipping gloves, transparent dipping gloves and powder-free dipping gloves, dipping gloves are divided into: disposable dipping gloves according to the use , Household dipped gloves, industrial dipped gloves, medical dipped gloves, etc.