The function of anti-static gloves


Anti-static gloves can protect the hands very well, prevent sweat, bacteria, etc. from infecting products or the human body, especially in industrial production, and can prevent the human body from directly contacting some sensitive electrical components. It can also release the static electricity generated by the human body in time, which plays a very good role in protecting the product.

At present, anti-static gloves are widely used, and are often used in the production and assembly of precision electronic circuits, the production of dust-free workshops, etc., and the components of anti-static gloves do not contain silicone oil and ammonia, which can effectively prevent environmental pollution during use.

The principle and function of anti-static gloves are here for the time being. If it is necessary to use anti-static gloves at work, please remember not to be lazy and not wear them, which may cause serious consequences. Well, friends who want to buy anti-static gloves can come to this website to have a look.