Differentiate Recycled Cotton Yarn from Raw Cotton Yarn


Regenerated cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn are the two most commonly used materials for cotton yarn labor protection gloves. The finished gloves produced by them are relatively similar in appearance, color and feel. This makes it difficult for customers to identify. The next thing to introduce is a few tips to identify the difference between the two cotton yarns.
The difference between recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn:
1. At present, the recycled cotton yarn used in gloves is generally 3.5-21S, and the common one is 3.5-10S. Raw cotton yarn is usually 21-32S yarn.
The detection method is: look inside the glove. Find a strand of thread at the end of your finger. Check the threads separately. Regenerated yarn is woven with 2-4 yarns. Raw cotton yarn is woven with 6-10 yarns.
2. Look at the color. The common colors of recycled cotton gauze gloves are natural white and bleached white. Raw cotton gauze gloves are white (polyester cotton gauze gloves) and original white (generally refers to gloves made of 100% pure cotton). Regenerated cotton yarn belongs to polyester-cotton yarn gloves.

3. In terms of feel and appearance, recycled cotton gauze gloves are not as comfortable and soft as raw cotton gauze. Raw cotton yarn is delicate and soft in appearance.
4. In terms of price comparison, the price of recycled cotton yarn is very low.