Basic knowledge of cotton gauze gloves


Cotton gauze gloves are gloves made of cotton fibers. It is durable, breathable and comfortable. It is one of the most used gloves on a daily basis. It is widely used in all walks of life, so people also refer to it as labor protection gloves.

Scope of application:
Cotton gauze gloves are the most widely used of all labor protection products. Such as construction site, daily life handling, electroplating workshop, metal stamping, plastic factory, chemical factory, steel manufacturing, shipyard, electronics factory, packaging product factory, printing enterprise, electric power engineering, machinery manufacturing, restaurant canteen and most other working environments.

Number of needles: The current cotton gauze gloves are generally 7 needles or 10 needles. 7 needles means the number of needles per inch of the loom. 7 needles = 7 needles per inch. Compared with 13 needles, 7 needles are thicker and 13 needles are thinner. The density of 7 needles is lower than that of 10 needles. The number of stitches of cotton gauze gloves determines the use. some environment. Requires layering. This requires the size of the glove. Thickness of fingers.
Grams: A term used in the glove industry. Basically control the weight of the gloves within a certain range. Every 10 or 20 pairs is a bundle. The amount of yarn used is the weight of each bundle. There are 450 grams, 500 grams, 550 grams, 600 grams, 700 grams, 800 grams and other weights. In the case of constant glove density and length. The heavier the glove, the thicker it will be. The higher the wear resistance. The greater the protection of the opponent.

Selection method:
1. First of all, you must choose according to your own work situation. For example, if you need one pair of gloves for one work shift, look for those cheap recycled cotton yarn gloves.
2. If the company needs high-quality gloves as labor protection products. Then go to buy better gloves made of recycled cotton yarn and gloves made of raw cotton yarn.
3. For low temperature operation, mining underground operation, power supply operation, and static electricity operation. It is recommended to choose 100% cotton gloves. Because pure cotton gloves have the function of heat insulation and no static electricity (gloves without moisture).