Three common materials for anti-cut gloves


1, aramid fiber (Kevlar) : aramid fiber is an alicyclic acrylic resin product, chemical fiber color is light yellow, strong and lightweight, flexible, relative to the net weight of steel 5 times stronger, flame retardant, not easy to melt at high temperatures. Therefore, it is more suitable for outdoor work staff, such as: metallurgical industry, industrial production arc welding, glass processing, etc.
2, high strength polyethylene fiber (Dimarle Gobi) : strong and lightweight, good catering, good wear resistance, low friction resistance, high toughness, is the same cross-section of stainless steel wire more than ten times. It is mostly used for high-toughness manufacturing industry staff, such as laser cutting processing of metal materials, car body installation, and actual operation of stamping dies.
3, stainless steel wire and polyester fiber fabric hand-woven: stainless steel wire gloves have the largest anti-cutting work capacity, suitable for human resources actual operation of the cutting edge, in addition to the use of food production processing and manufacturing industry, but also to defend against small animals bite.